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Certain third-party providers of products may require the prospective Player or the Player to accept additional terms and conditions that govern the use of their products. OLG could consider any subsequent Game-related wager or purchase to be made using the Error Funds. OLG may also decide to cancel any bets, bets, or purchases. If any Prize has been transferred to the Player Account or transferred to it in any other way, OLG will assume that the player is holding the entire Prize in trust for OLG. OLG may also require that the Prize be returned to OLG.

If OLG credits a Player Account or makes any amount to the Player, for instance, processing the withdrawal in the event of or in connection with an error or a related error, the Player will be assumed to hold the entire amount of the credit or payment such amount is called Error Funds in trust for OLG and OLG has the right to seek to recover the Error Funds through a correction if funds are in the Player’s Player Account, and if sufficient funds are not available, OLG may issue an order for payment to the person that the person must meet any amount due to any deficit by OLG’s reasonable instructions.

OLG reserves the right to correct any error in the manner it considers appropriate for the circumstances, and OLG’s decision will be final and legally binding. OLG has the right to notify any third party who OLG, at its discretion, believes to be appropriate in the case of any suspected or actual fraud, conspiracy, qqslot or other criminal activity committed by any player or the exploitation of any unfair advantage by any player including the appropriate police authorities and other third parties that OLG decides are appropriate for instance, police services the AGCO OLG’s payment processors and Event governing bodies other providers of sports as platforms, credit card issuers and brands, how it is not always possible to inform Players before and the duration of their Downtime if there are circumstances beyond the control of OLG for instance, power outages or if the Downtime is found to be necessary to deal with the security breach or threat.